Friday, May 30, 2014

Ben turns 8

I was going back through the blog and realized that I never updated it for when Ben went to the doctor for his 8 year wellness check. He weighed in at 64 pounds and was 51 3/4 inches tall, putting him in the 75th and 70th percentile respectively.  Ben has had a fairly good year.  He has been working hard to prepare for his First Communion (more on that later) and he was very excited to learn cursive this year in school!  He continues to enjoy math and science and his handwriting continues to be his biggest weakness.  Although I am hoping that his interest in cursive will help change that a little bit!  Ben really enjoys playing sports and can get a bit competitive at times.  He has really upped his soccer game this year and loves to play goalkeeper.  He is very into reading and will read pretty much anything, which is a great quality.  He is currently reading the third Harry Potter book and enjoying that series very much.  He continues to be a class clown in school, which does get him into a bit of trouble, but his teachers really like him and tell us he is very bright and insightful when he is participating in class discussions.  He is a great big brother and it has brought me so much joy to see him interacting with his brother.  He is an amazing kid and we love spending every day being his parents. 

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