Sunday, May 25, 2014


I was just caught up on everything...and then I blinked...and now I am way behind again! So, back to Easter (can you remember that long ago?)...

The kids had off of school on Holy Friday, so we did some Easter crafts and dyed the eggs!
Juliette showing off her Easter egg craft.
Time to dye the eggs!
So cute working together!
We saved some eggs for when Daddy got home from work and Matthew woke up from his nap.
Of course, it was very important that Matthew take part in this tradition and experience it for the first time...I really think he got a lot out of it ;)
Juliette enjoyed it!
Good job Matthew!
Ben made a special egg (the "B&M egg) for Ben and Matthew!
I wanted to take a picture of the kids with the dyed eggs (did I mention we dyed 4 dozen eggs?!?).  Belle just came and sat right in front, like "Hey guys, what are we doing?"  Silly dog.
That night Juliette put out some lettuce for the Easter Bunny...we were out of carrots.  And yes, she is wearing half spring PJ's and the top says "Santa's Little Helper".  Sometimes I just don't fight these battles because the reality is she gets ready for bed (and the day) all by herself so I don't often comment on her outfit choices.  She can pick what she wants to wear.
This picture is telling of the future...I am going to skip ahead and tell you that the night of Easter, Paul and I went upstairs to put the kids to bed and when we came down, there was no candy (other than the Chocolate Bunny) left in my basket.  That's right, Belle ate all of it, wrappers and all.  She was sick for a few days and our backyard was a mess, but she deserved it.  True I didn't need all that candy, but I was looking forward to it anyway! 
But before Belle got to it, here are the baskets the Easter Bunny left for us!
Matthew's First Easter!
He was very excited by the toys and clothes left in his basket...can't you tell?
Well at least Abbey was excited!  And here is another example of my not commenting on outfit choices...Abbey is wearing a Dora top (2 sizes too small) and girl scout PJ pants.  Ben is not even wearing a shirt.  Oh well!
And Juju got right down to eating some candy!
My 4 little bunnies :)
Then it was time to search for eggs!
Look who found some!
The Easter Bunny hid plastic eggs in the house and the real eggs outside!
Off to find them!
Ben got one.
Juliette showing off hers!
Then it was time to get ready for Church in our Easter best!
Church was wonderful, as usual.  And after mass we got a family picture in our backyard!

My adorable kiddos!
Then Aunt Domi and family came over.  Look at this cake Aunt Domi and Caroline made!
We hid the eggs around the yard and the kids had fun with another egg hunt.
And of course we needed a cousin picture (minus Tim who could not make it home from college for the weekend).
I think Matthew enjoyed his first Easter.  Next year he will be into the hunt for eggs as well.  I wonder how many eggs we will have to dye then!  Luckily, the girls really like eating hard boiled eggs so I don't mind making that many!
And of course, it wouldn't be a day with the cousins if Juliette didn't watch some TV on Uncle Brandon's lap while he slept.
(a little late)

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