Thursday, July 13, 2017

Apple Picking

We continued our annual tradition of going to Elegant Farmer to pick apples in the fall - a family favorite tradition!  These three were ready for the wagon ride up to the orchards.
Daddy and Matthew (and a photobomber!)
Sweet girl!
We got our baskets and were ready to go!
Riding the wagon...

Finally time to pick some apples - he was big enough to reach them this year!
The bigger kids liked to climb the trees or use ladders to get the high ones.
Wow - good picking Matthew!
The weather was a little rainy, but it is not easy to find a day in our schedules to go do this, so when that day comes, we go no matter the weather!  Juj brought her rain coat and luckily it didn't really rain too hard or too long.

Good one!
Abbey loves to climb up those trees!
It's a Matthew-sized apple!
Climbing trees!
Love this picture (and this boy)!
Double fisting apples....
Sweet Juj!
Abbey is always helping Matthew - she is such a good big sister!
Those baskets got heavy so we needed some teamwork to carry them.
Again, being a good helper to Matthew.
Matthew on the ladder - he looks so little compared to the big ladder!
Got a high one!
Awesome teamwork!
Abbey and I walked down so we took some pictures while waiting for the others to come on the wagon ride.  She's so cute!
And she's getting so big too!
It was another fun family day - love these kids and our family traditions!

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