Thursday, July 13, 2017

Pumpkin Patch

Another fun fall tradition is going to the pumpkin patch. Normally I take the kids on a random day they have off from school so the crowds are fairly small. It seems to work out well and it is something fun to do together on a no school day!  This year, Juliette had Benny the Bull from school.  This is when she gets to keep the bull for the weekend and take pictures with it and write in the class journal about what they did together.  She was very excited that she got Benny on a 3 day weekend!  And, ironically, we brought Benny the Bull to this same pumpkin patch last year when Abbey got him!  Here is Juliette with Benny!
All 4 pumpkins (with our Benny holding Benny the bull).
Matthew was pretty excited that they had tractors you could climb in and pretend to drive!
My cuties :)

Matthew on the sea saw.
The big sea saws are pretty fun.
Then we rode the wagon out to the pumpkin patch.
And everyone picked out a pumpkin.

Fun times!
We came home with enough pumpkins to have our own patch!
Kids being silly - conga line!

Then of course we had to stop and get the apple doughnuts for our treat before heading home.  It was a beautiful day and a really fun time with the kids!

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