Saturday, July 22, 2017


Halloween season was upon us again....I say season because even though Halloween is only one day, it gets celebrated for weeks leading up to the big day. We started with the Cub Scout Halloween party, which is always a fun event, but our last one for a while as Ben is in his last year of Cub Scouts. It is a family friendly party that all the kids enjoy. Matthew went as "Scary Bones" for the party.
He matched Daddy!
Juliette went as a penguin (in a costume that Ben wore when he was 3).
Ben's pumpkin contest entry.
Ben went as Freddy from "Nightmare on Elm Street".  Note - he has not actually seen this movie, but his costume is perfect!
Abbey went as a pirate.
At the party they decorated candy apples.
Matthew was a little unsure about it, but he liked the gummy worms.
They had "skull hockey" as a game, which Matthew really enjoyed.
There were also the school Halloween parties.  Juliette went as a Notre Dame cheerleader and enjoyed her last year at the school fun fair, which is for grades PK-2.

Due to the scary nature of Ben's costume, he chose not to wear it to school and instead went as the Cubs "W" flag!
Somebody was very excited to dress up like Mickey Mouse!
Finally the big day came and we were ready to go trick or treating!
So we have Mickey Mouse, ND cheerleader, a banana (Abbey randomly said she wanted to go as a banana this year - I happened to be telling my friend this because I thought it was funny and she just so happened to have a banana costume that her daughter had worn in the past, so we had to borrow it at that point!), and Freddy.

It was a very fun night of trick or treating with the kids.
Mickey Mouse had great helpers.
Wait for me guys!

The "W" flags!

You can't read it from the picture, but this street sign is for Elm Street!
Matthew was such a trooper.  He really enjoyed all the candy he got!
They came home with quite the loot and then proceeded to make their trades with each other. We had our traditionally chili dinner waiting for us in the crock pot too.
Happy Baby enjoyed Halloween :)

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