Saturday, July 22, 2017


Some very exciting things happened in the fall. First off, this guy went from this....

To this....
3 Day Potty Training worked again and Matthew was super easy to train.  He does not need diapers at night or nap either after 3 days and he's very rarely had an accident since then - awesome job buddy!  The second exciting thing that happened is we grew some vegetables we have never grown before - like this awesome cauliflower!  We also had luck with sweet potatoes and soy beans.  Unfortunately our tomatoes were not as much as in previous years and our zucchini was also limited.  But we still had a pretty good growing season overall.  Thank you to Paul and the kids for tending the garden!
And finally, some would say the most exciting thing that happened in the fall was the Cubs winning the World Series!!  We were all very into watching the game, so I got a few treats for that last game watching.
We let the kids stay up for the historic win, but it got very late, especially with the (much needed) rain delay.  This was Juj towards the end of the game.
And Abbey too.  We eventually carried the girls up to bed.  Ben and Mom watched almost the whole thing, but started to get too nervous so we went up to bed while Dad kept the faith.  He ran up to tell us when they had won.  There were fireworks going off in the neighborhood and excited yelling.  It was very cool to be awake and watch it!  
A few short days later, the Cubs had a parade downtown.  The kids happened to be off of school, so Paul took the day off and we went down the night before to sleep in a hotel right off the parade route.  Paul got up super early to go secure us a spot on the parade route.  The rest of us got up and met him there a little later.  This guy was super excited!
Dad secured us an awesome spot and we thanked him with some coffee when we finally came to the spot.
We had to wait a while for it to start, but the crowd was excited and it was a fun atmosphere (minus the drunk teens next to us that Paul used his body to shield us from!).
They handed out signs and towels to everyone.
We all donned our Cubs gear.  I told the kids to pack their clothes for the parade and Juliette came down with her pink sparkly dress.  She said she would put her Cubs shirt over the dress and that is just what she did.  The girl has her style!
Matthew didn't have a Cubs shirt, so he borrowed Daddy's hat!

She also brought her Cubby Bear with her to the parade.
The police were holding the "W" flag, just showing the really fun atmosphere of the crowds.
Waiting for the parade to start.
Finally big buses came by with the players on top decks.  It actually went really quickly, but we were still glad to have gone.
Jake Arrieta
Lester and Grandpa Rossi holding the trophy!

After the parade the police man got Cubby Bear for Juliette because she dropped it.  Very nice!
Then we walked over to see that Chicago had dyed the river Cubby Blue!

The whole city was festive!

Then we decided to drive up to Wrigley to see the stadium.
World Series Champions!!!

It was a really fun day downtown after a really exciting World Series!

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