Saturday, September 16, 2017

Lego Club

December brought more activities. Lego Club had their big competition that they had been working towards all fall. Paul is one of the coaches and Ben really enjoys building the robots and working on the coding for making it do the tasks it is assigned.  Here they are getting ready to start their turn at the mission table.
Ben is praying it goes well!

Back at the table making a few adjustments with Coach and the rest of the team.
They did an awesome job and even won an award for their Core Values, which was an awesome win!
And when we went outside to leave, this is what it was like out!
Great job team!
I love this picture - this is what happens when you have two older sisters!
And the girls both performed in another play - this time it was Elf!  I love watching them perform!
The kids had a chance to play outside in the snow finally.  I did not want to go play in the snow (I really don't like being cold in the snow), so I watched them from our front window.  This worked out great for me and then the kids got a kick out of it by throwing snowballs at me (the window)!
 I love these next two pictures as you can see Matthew throwing the snowball! 

Glad they had fun and glad I could watch from inside!  Daddy is the one who plays in the snow with the kids! 
 They even made a little snowman for our front porch!
 Since it was so cold outside, we did a lot of inside activities.  Here is Matthew playing school and "reading" to the class!
Uno is always fun! 
 Guess what this girl wants for Christmas??
 The girls' brownie troops went Christmas Caroling at the retirement home close to our house.

Juliette finished up her basketball season - a great team of friends! 
 Although this is a better representation of this crazy group!

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