Saturday, September 16, 2017

Jubilation and Fall Fun

In November, Paul and I went to our Church's big fundraiser (Jubilation). It is always a fun time. We got all dolled up and ready to go have some fun with friends for a good cause! This year, I tried something new and rented a dress. It was a risk, but the day before the fundraiser, the dress I had chosen came in the mail (you could order 2 sizes) and it worked out great! I loved the dress and it was very inexpensive. The downside was I loved the dress but did not get to keep it! But, it worked out well and I would definitely consider doing that again.
Paul is looking so handsome!
Every year one of the girls in our group has everyone over for a little pre-party at her house.  Here is our group of girls this year (minus one that had to cancel last minute because of a sitter cancellation).
And the handsome men!  There are several Paul's that we know, but this picture shows why our Paul is always called "Tall Paul"!
Every now and then we clean up well!
Just a shot of the fun at the event!
The next day the kids had some fun in the leaves.  We raked them all up in a pile under our slide - great idea kids!

Love this picture - such joy in their faces!
And all the kids played basketball again this year.  Juliette really progressed this year taking lots of shots and making lots of baskets!
Ben got to play basketball for his school this year, which he really enjoyed!
And Abbey got to play in a different league this year, which really improved her skills.  Basketball is Abbey's favorite sport so it was a lot of fun to watch her play.

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