Saturday, September 16, 2017

Uncle Chris Turns 40!!!

The weekend after Thanksgiving, we drove to Cincinnati to surprise Uncle Chris for his 40th birthday! He had been on working the previous day out of town and did not get back into town until the wee hours of the morning, so he was asleep when we arrived. This worked out well as the kids played around for a while first.  Matthew had no problem jumping into play mode when he saw all of Brendan's really cool toys!
The kids loved playing around with Brendan.
Then when Uncle Chris woke up (probably from the noise of lots of kids in his house!), he came down to find us there as a surprise!
Hi Uncle Chris!!!
And Aunt Ginny got in on the fun too!
Aunt Ginny had bought some gingerbread houses for the kids to work on, which was a lot of fun!

And that night, Aunt Ginny had arranged for a surprise party for Uncle Chris with a few of his close friends and their families.  It was a really nice evening celebrating, including Madgie's special Texas Sheet Cake!
Good thing Brendan was there to help blow out all of those candles!
The finished gingerbread houses!

The next morning, Uncle Chris opened up some presents and cards that the kids had made for him.

These kids love their fun Uncle Chris!
And their awesome Aunt Ginny, who planned a really nice weekend of surprises for Chris - well done!
It was a short visit, but really nice to have some family time with cousins and Madgie and Patch!
Thanks for inviting us Aunt Ginny - we had a great time!  And Happy Birthday to the BEST big brother!  Love you!

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