Saturday, September 16, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

November brings family time with Thanksgiving and Caroline's birthday!  Aunt Domi brought over cupcakes to celebrate Caroline's birthday with us.  Matthew played a critical role in getting the candles ready.
Happy Birthday Caroline!
We love cousin time!
Then it was time to prepare for Thanksgiving.  Good thing I have such an excellent helper in the kitchen!
Ben wanted to make our turkey cake again this year, so we all got to work preparing it.  I love baking with the kids - they have become so creative with decorating cakes!
This whole cake is edible, even the "stuffing" is toasted cake.  Abbey made those awesome carrots out of fondant!

Thanksgiving morning traditionally means lounging on the couch in PJ's while watching the Macy's Parade.
Then we went to a family fun Flag Football Turkey Bowl.  Matthew loved being part of the game, even if it just meant running around on the field.  Luckily, nobody seemed to mind him playing and he didn't get hurt!
Then we headed over to Aunt Domi's for some family fun.  The adults had family game fun too!
And we enjoyed a delicious feast as well!
Matthew got to spend some time with his Godfather.
Love this goofy bunch!  The kids table looks like fun!
Juliette in the Thanksgiving dress that has been passed down!
Then it was time for the wishbone....

Gee, I wonder who won??
Matthew loved playing with Andrew and Jo.
The inside of our turkey cake also had stuffing!  
And what Thanksgiving would be complete without some relaxing on the couch watching TV!

We had a great time - thank you Aunt Domi and Uncle Brandon for having us over!

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