Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day out with Thomas

Some friends of ours (Bob, Heather and Keegan) invited us out to a Day Out With Thomas exhibit at the Illinois Railway Museum. Keegan is a 2 year old who is getting into Thomas and Ben loves Thomas, so it worked out perfectly. Ben had a blast! Here he is meeting Sir Topham Hat (which he was much more excited about until we actually got close to him).
Here we are riding in the car right behind Thomas!

And Ben being very shy right in front of Thomas - it's big stuff meeting an engine so famous!

And here is Ben in a lego replica of Thomas - very cool to combine Thomas and legos - 2 of Ben's favorite things!

Unfortunately, our camera kept malfunctioning (which sometimes happens due to the sand that got in it when we were at the beach over Easter) so we didn't get any pictures of the Glynn family or Ben and Keegan playing together. But we had a great time and want to thank the Glynn's for thinking of Ben and inviting us to come along. Hopefully Keegan can come over sometime soon and play trains with Ben!
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