Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Fun!

As the summer winds down, we have been trying to squeeze in some last minute summer fun, especially before the baby comes! So we set up a little pool in our backyard that Ben and Abbey really enjoyed!

We had Caroline over to play with the sprinkler and backyard toys...did you know a dump truck was really a water toy?

Taking a break from the excitement to drink some juice. Doesn't Abbey look like she fits right in with the big kids? Good thing since she is about to not be the baby anymore!

And Mommy took Abbey to the park one day where she really liked going down the slides...

And swinging on the swings. What a big girl playing at the park!

Paul is very proud of his garden - we have had so many delicious cucumbers this year and the tomatoes are just beginning to ripen...yum!!

And I know some of you worry about Chien, but don't worry, he gets lots of love from the kids!

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