Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pre-Baby Traditions

We have certain traditions that we have done the night before each of our babies has been born. It pretty much consists of going to Francesca's for some yummy Italian food. My mom has a theory that whatever you eat the night before the baby comes is a food that the baby is sure to like. Since we make a lot of Italian food in our house (it's easiest to make most of the time), we have always chosen Italian to eat the night before. So far it has worked for Ben and Abbey, so hopefully it will work this time too! Thanks Madgie, Patch, Aunt Sandy and Joey for joining us!

Then it's very important to take a last family picture before the family changes!

And here are Mommy and Daddy before switching to zone defense - wish us luck!!

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kapeck said...

Yummy! You guys will do great a great job defending! Can't wait to meet the little one!