Saturday, May 19, 2012

Abbey's 1st dance recital

Abbey has been taking dance (ballet and tap) all year and this weekend was her first dance recital! I was pretty nervous because at the dress rehearsal she literally sat down on her spot and cried while the rest of the kids danced. So I didn't know what to expect. I told her to just have fun, but she said she didn't want to do it.   And she was in tears when I left her to go find seats in the auditorium. 

Well when the music came on (Rockin Robin), she was a STAR! She danced better than I have ever seen her dance and did the whole routine! She was so excited! I ran backstage after the show to congratulate her and she could not smile any bigger - she was so proud of herself. She told me, "Mom, I LOVED being on stage! Was I a star? I want to do that again! Can you please sign me up for dance again?!?" It was fantastic! Here she is before we left for the recital.  Juliette was also pretty excited - she really loved practicing the routine with Abbey at home!

Strike a pose!

Here she is on stage doing the routine...

At the end all the dancers went on stage to take a final bow - their class got a huge cheer!

This was back stage - she was so excited and proud of herself!  We made sure to get her a big bouquet of all pink flowers!

Aunt Domi and Caroline also came to watch Abbey and brought her flowers!  We took lots of adorable pictures with them, but sadly, none of them turned out.  I was almost in tears when I realized this tonight as I was downloading pictures :(

And this is Ms. Jenny, her teacher, who was so proud of her, especially after the dress rehearsal debacle!

It was so fantastic - I am just beaming with pride at how well she did.  I have a video of it that I will try to post too.  And I am behind on a few other posts, so I will get to that too, but I had to post this right away!  Thank you Aunt Domi and Caroline for coming up to watch Abbey - it made her feel very special!  And thanks for joining us for dinner and a trip to Yogurtland at Abbey's request!  What a great day!
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