Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Activities

Well I am behind on blogging, but we have been busy!  So let me try to update you on some of our spring activities.  First off, we have an abundance of butterflies around our backyard, which is great for Ben because he got a butterfly catching net for his birthday!  So here is the first one he caught.  He looked it up on the internet to find out it was a Red Admiral Butterfly...


We also went to watch Cousin Andrew in a track meet - he pole vaults, which I absolutely love watching!  There was a lot of down time though, so the kids found amusement in running up and down the bleachers...

Great job Andrew!

Paul and Ben went to an arena football game with a bunch of other kids from his class - they had a lot of fun!  So, I met up with some friends and took the girls to see Sesame Street Live! 

They really enjoyed the first half, but then they got a little antsy in the second half, which wasn't too surprising given the fact that each half was a little over an hour long!  We had fun though and I was glad that everybody in the house got to have a fun afternoon!

And we have been working on getting Ben to learn how to ride his bike.  Paul ran behind him for an afternoon, and that went pretty well, but he wasn't quite getting it yet.  He was so scared of falling that he would ride for a few seconds, then get scared and purposely steer towards the grass so he could fall on that instead of the sidewalk.

Then he took a break to try to pole vault...I guess he really enjoyed watching Cousin Andrew too!

The weather turned pretty warm the other day, so we got out the water table and the kids were so excited to get in their suits and have some water fun in the backyard!

And look how gorgeous our roses are right now!

Then we got out the hose and made a water slide - the kids loved it!

Thanks Aunt Domi for giving us another slide - the kids are having a lot of fun going down the slides at the same time!

Juliette wasn't a fan of the water slide, so she played in the car.

And she was very excited to finally be able to wear her new Dora swim suit!

Then it was time to do the car wash!

Belle enjoyed being outside with everyone too.  I just wanted to include a picture of her so you can see how big she is getting!

Ben loves all things water - he parked the car right in front of the sprinkler and thoroughly enjoyed getting sprayed that closely!
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