Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ben lost a tooth!

While Madgie was here, Ben lost his first tooth! A few days before, he told us it was loose. Then he told me that some of his friends' lost their first tooth by having their parents pull the tooth out. So...I said, "OK Ben, here's what I am going to do. I'm going to take a little string and tie it to that tooth. Then I am going to take the other end of that little string and tie it to a door. Then I am going to slam the door shut and the door will pull on that string and the string will pull on that tooth and that tooth will come right out!" I wish you could have seen the look of terror on his face. I laughed and quickly told him I was joking, but this was a great moment for me. For those of you who do not know, this is what my dad (and apparently it comes from his dad too) used to tell us when we had loose teeth. He would come up with various scenarios (tie the string to a car, plane, bowling ball, etc). I had completely forgotten about this and then all of a sudden the words were coming out of my mouth to my own son, and I was laughing the entire time because I got such a kick out of passing along this family joke. He quickly got in on it too and asked me to come up with other ways to pull out that tooth!

Well his tooth was very loose (because the adult tooth was coming up right behind it) and luckily for Ben it came out on its own one morning while he was watching tv. I was still in bed though and Madgie told him to come up and tell me about it. So, Ben came up and put the tooth on my hand. I didn't know what it was and thinking it was a bug (because Ben has an interest in bugs and even has a bug catcher)...I screamed and flung the tooth across the room! Then he told me what it was and Paul and I spent the next hour looking for the tooth! Apparently he came downstairs and when Madgie asked him about it, he said that we had lost his tooth! Luckily, we did finally find it (underneath the mattress in the corner of the bed frame) but I was feeling terrible the entire time that I had lost his first tooth!  Anyway, once we finally found it, it was time to capture the moment with some pictures!


When I was growing up I had a tooth pillow that I put my teeth in and the tooth fairy would then leave me money in the pillow.  I am so greatful that Madgie and Patch still had this pillow and Patch (who was still at home and hadn't come up yet) searched their house, found it, and sent it up for Ben to use!  He didn't use it right away though - he wanted to wait until Patch came up so he could show Patch his tooth!  So finally, a few days after losing the tooth, we got the pillow, showed Patch, and put the tooth in the pillow for the tooth fairy!  In the pillow, the red mouth open a bit and you can slide the tooth (or money) in that pocket.

Lots of stories about Ben's first tooth I guess! 
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