Sunday, May 06, 2012

Willis Tower

On Sunday after Church we decided to head downtown and go to the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower). It was a lot of fun and the kids all really enjoyed it! They could not get enough of the view and kept crawling out by the windows to see straight down!  I guess they do not fear heights! 

It was a beautiful day and up on the 103rd floor of the building, you can get a beautiful view of our city! 

Now we haven't been up here since it was the Sears Tower and it was before we were married, so it had been quite a while!  They have since added glass boxes that stick out of the building so you can look straight down and feel like you are standing in mid-air!  I thought I would love this, but it was a little scary!  We all found that before going out there, we sort of tested it with our foot first to make sure that it was solid!   The kids all ran out without any hesitation, especially Juliette who kept running to the corner of the glass box and hitting the glass - giving me minor heart attacks as she did it!

And Paul, who says he is afraid of heights and was pretty sure he was not going to go out there, did just fine!  Look at this great picture of him with the kids out there - no worries at all!

I still had a difficult time though and preferred to inch out there kneeling down - I'm not sure why kneeling made it easier than just standing, but it did!

Look at these two - what a great picture!

Another gorgeous view!

Family picture!  Unfortunately, it was pretty close to lunch time and the kids were getting pretty cranky at this point!

Then we decided to get everyone in the picture booth glass box and the picture turned out so cute that we had to buy it! 

It was a very cool experience - I would recommend it to anyone!  Afterwards we came down and stood at the bottom to see just how very high up we were!

What a fun day at the Sky Deck!

And that pretty much concluded our week with Madgie and Patch as they flew out early Monday morning.  Thanks so much for visiting and spending the week with us - we had so much fun having you here and miss you so much since you have left!  Love you!
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