Monday, September 02, 2013

Swim Team

Ben did swim team again this year and had more fun as several of his friends decided to do it as well this summer. He was very much improved over last summer. He actually did all the strokes (although he still hates backstroke and complains bitterly if he is asked to do it) and his times improved a lot over last summer too. Here he is ready to go at the end of season big city swim meet.

Getting ready!

On your mark, get set...

Great job this year Ben!  And Abbey has watched Ben and has also learned the strokes.  She went to the pool with two separate friends this summer and both of the moms commented on what a great swimmer Abbey is and asked where she took lessons...except she hasn't taken any lessons since she was a baby!  That's just Abbey - watch and learn!  We do plan to put her in some lessons this winter and hopefully she will join the swim team next summer with Ben.
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