Sunday, September 22, 2013

TN - Part 2

One of our favorite activities in TN is to take the boat over to the little beach they have. The kids love playing in the sand!

And finding neat rocks!

Even Brendan made it out to the beach!

Cutie pie.

Everyone had a lot of fun playing with baby Brendan.

Ben enjoyed some boy bonding.

The girls enjoyed playing with him too...

but they kept wanting to hold him!  He didn't want to be held though - he wanted to be crawling around!


The house Madgie and Patch rented came with a golf cart to get down to the dock, which was quite steep.  The kids loved it and Juju was always asking to ride on Patch's "tractor"!

Brendan looked a little unsure about his first boat ride...

But he quickly settled in and found it quite comfortable!

The girls singing on the boat!

And there was also lots of time for these two to enjoy a favorite common past time...reading!

What a fun toy the "tractor" was!
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