Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week in TN

In August we traveled down to Tennessee to visit family. Normally, we go down to see Mama Kay and Papa, but this year we had the added bonus of Madgie and Patch! Several years ago Madgie and Patch bought property on the same lake that Mama Kay and Papa live on for potential retirement some day. This summer they decided to rent a house up there for two months to see if they enjoyed it, so we went down to visit. It was a great family reunion because Uncle Chris, Aunt Ginny, and Cousin Brendan came down too!  The girls were very excited to spend some silly time with Uncle Chris...

And this is the view from the porch that we had to look at all week...

Ben and Abbey loved swimming off the dock, which is about 20 feet deep so they are required (by family rules) to wear life jackets at all times.

Juliette did not want to swim off the dock, but did enjoy sitting at the end and having Ben and Abbey splash her feet.

Madgie and Patch even rented a boat to ensure a full experience.  Patch and Juliette really enjoyed our first trip out on the boat!

The girls quickly settled in next to Uncle Chris.

We boated over to Mama Kay and Papa's house, where Ben and Mama Kay took the canoe out for a quick trip.  This is them heading out...before they tipped the canoe... :)

This is the first summer that Ben has really enjoyed tubing.  He went with Uncle Chris and couldn't get enough of it, even going outside the wake and bouncing around!  The girls would not go in the tube still...maybe in a few years.

Uncle Chris got to water ski, which he hasn't done since high school.  It's like riding a bike!  I did not do any water skiing this summer because of the baby, so maybe next summer.

Ben and Abbey jumping off the dock!

Girls and I on the boat...

Oh we love the boat!

More to come on our wonderful week, so stay tuned!
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