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Abbey turned 5!

On July 7 at 2:21pm our sweet, independent, "I do it myself" little girl turned 5. Abbey is always trying to be older than she is. When she celebrated her half birthday at school (because her birthday is during the summer when they can't celebrate at school), she asked me what that meant. When I told her it meant she was 4.5, she gasped and said, "Oh Mommy, that is sooo much bigger than 4!". And now that she is 5, everything she can do is because she is 5. "I can do that because I'm 5 now." So after Church we went out to lunch at Panera, which is where Abbey wanted to go.

Since we had barely gone to the pool yet this summer, Abbey desperately wanted to just go swimming on her birthday!  So we headed to the pool for an afternoon of fun.  That night I made her requested dinner (macaroni and cheese, sliced pears and cauliflower).  Unfortunately, we had no more cupcakes left from the party.  I would have felt badly about that, but Abbey was the one who ate the last two, even after I warned her that would mean no cupcakes on her birthday.  She was ok with it.  We put candles in her usual dessert choice (yogurt) and she was happy with that!

5 princess candles!

After yogurt, we opened a few family presents and played with them before bed time.  The next night was also a celebration for her.  Daddy took her on a personal date to see Despicable Me 2 at the new dinner theater.  She loved the movie, loved the special time with Daddy, and loved her ice cream sundae that she got to eat during the movie!

Just a few days after her birthday we pulled the training wheels off her bike and she rode right away.  She had been practicing on a smaller bike without pedals so she could feel the balance, so once she had the training wheels off her big bike she just took off!  I wish I had done it just a few days earlier so she could say she learned when she was 4, but it was still impressive to learn just a few days after turning 5 (which is about a year and a half earlier than when Ben learned).  That is Abbey though - always doing whatever she can to keep up with Ben!

Abbey is ready for kindergarten.  She is a very smart girl and tends to learn things on her own without being taught.  An example of that is with tying her shoe laces.  She had watched me teach Ben a few years ago and I knew she had to learn in kindergarten, so we finally bought her some tie shoes and she pretty much taught herself (I maybe showed her twice how to do it, but she does it a different way than what I showed her!).  She can also read small words.  She had an amazing preschool teacher last year who taught all the phonic sounds and she soaked it all in like a sponge.  She would come home all excited and we would practice.  It was good because I would draw a letter and show it to both girls.  Juliette would have to name the letter and Abbey would have to name the sound of the letter.  It was fun for both of them!  Although Abbey enjoyed it more and would ask to keep going even after Juliette got bored.  She can read beginner Bob books.  I'm so excited to watch her learn the high frequency words and double vowel sounds in kindergarten this year - she is going to be off reading chapter books like big brother before we know it!  She is so excited to start kindergarten, wear her uniform, and walk into school with Ben.

I took Abbey to the doctor for her 5 year (and kindergarten) appointment.  She needed to get a shot and was so scared.  She wouldn't even answer the doctor's questions and could only focus on the shot.  We kept talking about how brave she was going to be, but then the nurse came in and she started to cry.  I had to hold her down while the nurse stuck her with the needle.  She was screaming and shaking.  As soon as the shot was done she turned to me and said, "Oh Mommy, I was so brave!"  HAHA!!!  That was a proud parenting moment when I kept my face as serious as possible and told her that yes indeed, she was very brave!  So, on to her stats...she was 43 inches tall and 40.5 pounds, which put her in the 65th percentile for height and 55th percentile for weight - good job Abs!  I'm glad Ben and Abbey are getting some of Daddy's height!

It is so exciting to watch Abbey grow and learn new things.  She is very compassionate and empathetic when her siblings are upset and will often give up her own turn to make someone else happy.  She is funny and energetic and definitely has a mind of her own...I wonder where she gets that stubbornness from... ;) 

We love you so much Abbey Dabbey - HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY!!!
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