Sunday, October 10, 2010

Game Time!

As I mentioned previously, we took Ben to his first ND game when he was about 7 months old, so we decided he was probably old enough now to try it again and we got tickets for Ben and Daddy to go to the game, while Mommy and the girls headed back to Stephanie and Bill's house for naps and game watching. Ben was so excited for the game and kept asking if we thought that the team might need him to play! Ordinarily that might be a good question, but they actually played pretty well this weekend so Ben was not called from the stands to help out! I knew he would do great during the game, but got a little worried after we had a rough Friday night...Ben woke up in the middle of the night with croup. He seems to only get this when we travel, and we are now experts on it, but it was a pretty bad case of it. Daddy sat outside with him for about an hour in the middle of the night because cold air helps. Unfortunately, it was not very cold out, so it took a while for the croup to calm down and get better and after that he slept in our bed, so we didn't get very much sleep. So after being up most of the night and spending all day walking around campus, I was a little worried he would crash during the game, but Daddy said he did great! Here he is with the score board, dome, basillica, and Touchdown Jesus in the background!

Daddy and Ben watch the ND band during half time!
They stayed the entire game and since ND won, they got to jig at the end! Here they are leaving the stadium after a great game!
I haven't mentioned this part yet, but we also got to catch up with a good friend of mine from ND who now lives in South Bend with her husband and 3 kids - Maddie (age 6), Mia (age 4), and Brayden (age 2). They were very gracious hosts and the kids had a blast all playing together. Mia is actually one month older than Ben and Brayden is one month younger than Abbey, so the ages of all the kids were nice and close and everyone played well together. It was great to be able to stay with them, catch up with Stephanie and Bill, and let our kids get to know each other and have some relaxing fun during the weekend as well. Thanks for such a great weekend and we look forward to doing it all again next year hopefully!!
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