Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Part 2

On Friday, Ben had a Halloween party at his school. Then they had a parade and concert. They had learned several Halloween songs from their music teacher and sang them all really well! He had shared some of the songs at home with us, but it was great to see him singing along with all his classmates. He is really enjoying his new school! Here he is in the parade!

Friday night, we had Aunt Sandy, Uncle Phil, Joey and Jillian over for some pre-Halloween fun. That night, Juliette was a ladybug (from Abbey 2009).

Abbey was happy to continue with her turtle costume...

Here's our little ladybug!

Here's Aunt Sandy with ladybug and Minnie Mouse! Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of Joey in his costume, but he was a good looking Mickey Mouse!

We didn't get a picture of everyone in their costumes, but here are most of the kids in their PJ's. Where is Ben you ask? He is taking the picture! He also took a picture of all of us, but unfortunately it came out too dark. It sure would have been nice to have the screen on our camera working so we could have known that and fixed it. Oh well. It was a very fun evening!!

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