Sunday, October 10, 2010

Notre Dame Weekend - Part 1

We finally took the kids to Notre Dame this weekend! We brought Ben when he was a baby in 2006, but I haven't been back to campus since then, so it was long overdue. Although 4 years doesn't sound like a long time to be gone, I can tell you that so much has changed that I barely recognized it! I loved being back on campus and seeing how truly beautiful it is there (especially in the fall). The kids had a blast and I got to catch up with some old friends. This may take a few posts, so here we go!

Our first stop was at the bookstore. The kids and Daddy hung out in the kids corner while Mommy did some quick shopping to update the kids' ND gear.

Outside the bookstore they had this tree with a box of ribbons and explanatory plaque in front. This tree was meant to show the many survivors of cancer and act as a prayer chain for them and those who are suffering from cancer. So, we tied a pink ribbon on the tree in honor of Nana, my wonderful grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor!
Then we walked around campus for a while to see the sights. This is a pretty good picture of the kids in front of the golden dome, unfortunately the dome did not show up in the picture :(

But being on campus again was wonderful and as usual, I could not stop taking in the beauty of it and snapping entirely too many pictures of the dome. I couldn't help but posting one of my favorites from this weekend.
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