Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kid Conversations

My kids are the funniest people I know. I love talking with them and hearing their points of view. It has recently been suggested to me (thanks Kristen) that I should start including some of these conversations as part of the blog. I think it is a good idea as it really shows their personality and also just the pure innocence of children. I have listed below some of my favorites from the past, but will start to include more of their thoughts going forward too. Enjoy!

Ben: Mom, is God everywhere?
Me: Yes, God is with us always.
Ben: Is God in the car with us?
Me: Yes...to help protect us and keep us safe.
Ben: You mean with the traffic and other cars?
Me: Yes
Ben: Mom, does God have a whistle to help stop the traffic?

Me (pointing to the manger scene at Christmas): Ben, who is this?
Ben: Mary - Jesus' Mommy
Me: Good. And who is this?
Ben: That's God
Me: No, that's Joseph
Ben: No Mom, that's God. God is Jesus' Father
Hmmm....good point Ben!

We often sit in the cry room at Church and listen to mass through the speaker in the room. One day as we listened to an amazing singer, Ben commented that God sure has a beautiful voice.

Also during Church, Ben asked how God can hear us when we pray. We said something along the lines of God can always hear us. So Ben asked how we could go see God. We explained that God is up in Heaven and we can't see Him right now. So Ben said that he thought we had better get on a plane and go up to see God!

Ben: Mom, I opened the yogurt all by myself without using a spoon or knife!
Me: Good job! You just used your strength?
Ben: No, I used my hands!
Me (after a little chuckle): Ben, strength is what you have when you are very strong. Someone who is very strong is said to have a lot of strength.
Ben: Oh, how many gallons of strength do you think Daddy has?
Me: A lot I guess

Abbey: Mom, where is Daddy?
Me: Daddy is on a business trip this week.
Abbey (wide-eyed): I want to go on a PRINCESS trip!!

Ben (looking at the news coverage of the Tsunami): Mom, why are those boats overturned?
Me: Well honey there was a Tsunami last night (I then went on to explain what that was and how it affected people). We should pray for all those people who were affected.
Ben: But Mom, those people are strangers!
Me: Yes, we can pray for strangers, but we don't talk to them.

These are the first ones that pop into mind, but I will blog other ones as I think of them. I love my kids!

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