Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break - Days 1 and 2

Well, Ben is on spring break this week! Since we had no plans to travel (and Daddy has been out of town all week), I have tried to make each day something super fun for the kids. Day 1 we went to a Play Doh play date with some of my "mom group" friends. Ben doesn't get to go on our play dates very often because he is usually in preschool when we go, so he had a lot of fun playing with new toys and the other kids. I have no pictures of that though, so let's move on to Day 2. We went downtown to the Shedd Aquarium and met up with Aunt Domi, Caroline, Hunter, Hunter's friend Colby (who Ben really took a liking to), and Aunt Theresa. With all those kids, we needed a plan to stick together. Oh look, Aunt Domi has it under control!

I took Ben and Abbey to the Dora and Diego 4D show while the others went to the Dolphin show. It was pretty cool - the kids' favorite part was the bubbles that blew down from the ceiling and the fact that our seats moved (I guess that is the 4D part).
We saw some great animals - the beluga whale was so cute as he kept coming up to smile at us!
Ben, Abbey and Caroline check out the penguins, which is always a favorite. As a side note, before we went to the aquarium, I told the kids we needed to have some rules (mostly about sticking together, not walking away from me, etc.). Ben said, "Oh Mom, I have a rule...we should NOT jump into the penguin's water tank!" So I said, "Yes, that is a good rule Ben, we will make that Rule #1 for today!" Ben was thinking of "Curious George Goes to the Aquarium" where George goes into the penguin area, but I still thought it was super cute.
They had a kids area where they could climb on an area that was made to look like the penguin's area, including a slide. So the kids had fun playing in there for a while.
Juliette LOVES slides.
Then we went to the area where you could touch sea creatures.
Here is Caroline touching a star fish.
Aunt Domi helped Abbey touch a star fish.
Here are all the kids.
And here is our little family (minus Daddy who is hard at work in MI).
And look who we found at the Aquarium...NEMO!
All the kids got into the tent to play camping before we left.
And then Abbey stayed to make some breakfast for everyone.

It was a very fun day and good activity for spring break!
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Krissy K said...

These spring break posts are super cute. I'm jealous. I want to cook all day and play on slides...and go to the Shedd!! At least someone is living the life. :)