Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break - Day 3

Day 3 of Spring Break we decided to stay home and have some fun since we had been gone all day Tuesday (and thus went without much of a nap for anyone, other than the car ride home). Aunt Theresa came over (she is currently in-between jobs) and helped us have some fun. We decided to bake up some zucchini bread because the kids love it and have been asking for a while to make it again (the last time we made it was this fall from some zucchini grown from our garden). So we went to the store, bought some ingredients, and then got to work. Here are Ben and Abbey mixing up the ingredients.

Excellent stirring Ben!
Juliette helps Aunt Theresa put some vanilla in.
Abbey stirs it up.
Ah yes, the best part...licking the bowl after we are done! It came out very delicious and we have been enjoying it everyday!
We decided to make Day #3 a cooking day, so we made our own individual pizzas for dinner! Here are Ben and Abbey kneading the dough.
Then rolling it out.
Juliette gets in on spreading the sauce, although she mostly just stuck her spoon in and then ate sauce off the spoon!
I love the pepperoni smiley face Ben made and the tomato face Abbey made (she didn't like the pepperoni).
Yum...the finished product!
Ben looks happy with his pizza creation - he ate the whole thing!

What a delicious day!
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