Sunday, July 10, 2011

Abbey's Birthday!

On July 7, 2008 at 2:21 pm our little princess Abigail was born! So, we had to spend the day celebrating of course! Madgie and I took the kids to Pirates Cove, which is a small amusement park perfect for kids their age. Ben has been asking to go all summer and it was a nice day so it made for a great time to go! Abbey wanted to go on the merry-go-round first! She went all by herself without anyone holding on to her...I guess all that experience at Disney really paid off!

Then they rode the little train. You can't really see it in this picture, but Ben and Abbey held hands as it started - it was cute!

Wave to Mommy!

Ben did the climbing wall for the first time and actually did pretty well. He got about half way up and then decided to let go and enjoy the ride down!

The big slide is lots of fun - Madgie and the girls doing it while Ben was on the climbing wall.

Then we all went. Note, Juju's face looks like she is not enjoying it, but she did ask to go again so I think she did like it.

The paddle boats were Ben's favorite. Juliette seemed to be ok in it on her own...

Until another boat bumped hers and she immediately started crying! The lady running it had to go pick her up and bring her to me. I asked her later if she wanted to go back in the boats and her immediate answer to a definitive No!

Abbey enjoyed it though. Like I said, it was Ben's favorite but I couldn't get a picture of him doing it because he spent most of the time going as fast as he could and usually ended up in the far corner of where I was standing to take pictures.

Then we did some arts and crafts before calling it and day and heading home for naps.

That night, we went to Chilis for dinner at Abbey's request (she likes their guacamole) and then to Ben's t-ball game. After t-ball, we went to DQ for ice cream and presents!

Someone really enjoyed her ice you see chocolate on her face???

Ben enjoying his vanilla with sprinkles (sometimes I wonder how he could be my child when he chooses vanilla over chocolate)...


Then time for presents!! Happy Birthday singing bear - a big hit!

Ariel dolls!

We only opened a few family presents on her actual birthday because her party was still yet to come...stay tuned!
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