Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Map Additions!

Wow did we have a great weekend! Paul's cousin Casey got married in New Orleans, so we packed up the car and headed down on Thursday. This will take many posts, but I will start with our trip down, which provided an excellent opportunity to introduce the kids to new states and add to their maps. We decided, however, that in order for a state to count you had to stop there (as opposed to merely driving through) and you had to have a picture. We did our best to make every state count!

Here we are at the welcome center in Missouri! At the welcome center we learned all about the earthquake zones of Missouri, which concerned Ben a little that we would experience an earthquake while we were there. Luckily, we did not. After a picnic lunch, we took a picture by this huge "rocket ship" as Ben called it. This is also the stop where Ben declared, "Seriously, this has to be the hottest city ever!" Little did he know we were only going further south to more heat, but to his credit, it was extremely hot there.

Next stop...Byram, Mississippi where we spent the night. It is just south of Jackson, which is where Paul spent his early years so it was fun to drive through and have him point stuff out to us. Although we travel a lot, it is always to see family so the kids were very excited to stay in a hotel. After some much needed jumping on the bed (they were in the car all day after all), we settled down for a movie and bed time. Alas, here is our only picture from Mississippi, but given the fact that we spent the night there, it definitely counts!

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