Thursday, July 28, 2011

T-Ball 2011

We have had such a busy summer, but not too busy for a season of T-Ball!! This is Ben's second season of it as he played last summer too. He had a bit more fun this year as he played with his friend Aiden and seemed to become friends with the other kids on his team too, although that sometimes led to a bit more goofing off rather than focusing on the game! But at least he had fun. Here he is up to bat (yes, he's a lefty).

Running the bases...

Being a ham for the camera instead of focusing on running home!

The girls really enjoy going to the games too - who wouldn't enjoy running around in great weather!

Abbey always brings her glove to every game, even though she just carries it around. She can play once she turns 4.

Back to the game, Ben catching a grounder...

Ben has quite the cheering section!

It was a great season - congrats Ben!!
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