Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sightseeing in New Orleans

We got into New Orleans on Friday morning and saw a lot of family we hadn't seen in quite a while. There were several new cousins' children we had not yet met and several family members our kids had never met either (or that Ben didn't remember). The kids all had so much fun together - there are 3 girls that turned 3 all within about a month of each other (Abbey being one of them) so they were super cute running around together. Friday night was the rehearsal dinner at a place with really good New Orleans style food - it was delicious! But I did not bring the camera to that event sadly as the kids were all playing so well together and being cute. Oh well.

Then on to Saturday morning. The kids had us up early as usual, so after some breakfast with Mama Kay and Papa, we headed out to explore. There was a ferry (the river cruise) very close to our hotel that was free and only about 20 minutes round trip, so it was a perfect way to start our morning! The kids were so excited to get on, but got a little nervous right before we started moving. Luckily, there were lots of hands to hold!
Then they got more comfortable and started looking out the window at all the cool sights!
Like this great view of the city!
Some stayed a little nervous though...or maybe just tired.
After we got off the ferry, we met up with Aunt Theresa (yes, she came down from Alaska!!), Aunt Domi, and Cousin Caroline to walk around the city a bit. We make quite a line!
We did a lot of walking, so sometimes some of us needed a lift.
Here's our group (minus Paul who is taking the picture) in front of the big Catholic Church in the french quarter (I am blanking on the name right now. Ed. Note-St Louis Cathedral)
And here is a picture of Ben and Aunt Theresa by the horse.
Now flash back to 2007 (the last time we came to New Orleans for a family wedding) with Ben and Aunt Theresa by the horse...wow time has flown by!

Well, with all this walking around, we got pretty hot and decided to rest a bit with a little refreshment.
Then make some wishes in a nearby fountain.
Juju gets a lift from Aunt Thereeta.
Ben saw someone with a balloon and spent the rest of the morning on a mission to find one for himself. Luckily, we did finally find one and he got a cool sword out of it...unfortunately it later led to a meltdown when the sword popped :(
The kids with their balloons.
It was a very fun morning. We also walked around the market area and just took in the ambiance of this great city. Then it was back to the hotel for naps and showers...after all, we had a wedding to attend that night!
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