Monday, July 25, 2011


And if we didn't have enough going on this summer, Chien decided he needed to add to our list and get some attention too. He had a growth over his eye that we have been watching for a few months. It has slowly become bigger and the vet said we could just watch it for now unless it started to bother him. Well, it started to bother him as he would try to scratch it and then it would bleed. It was getting pretty big too. So, we decided it had to come off (second lump removed in 6 months, but at least it isn't anything serious). So, here is the lump before surgery (you can see the scab within the lump where he has scratched it and had it bleed).

And now here he is after surgery with his stitches. Unfortunately, she had to remove some of his skin around his eyelid where his eyelashes grow and replace the skin, so those eyelashes won't grow back (which is too bad because he has pretty eyes), but at least it is gone and hopefully once the stitches come out he will be more comfortable.

Poor Chien...
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