Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back Yard Camping

Ben has been asking all winter when we can go camping (much to Paul's delight), so we finally found an open weekend with good weather to try this out. We decided to make it as real as possible, so Paul made a fire in our fire pit that we inherited from Aunt Theresa and made Knights in Shining Armor for dinner (classic camping dinner with meat, potatoes and veggies wrapped in foil and put on the fire to cook). It was delicious!

Then the kids helped Paul set up the tent.

After dinner came my favorite part of camping...make smores! Paul gave each child a marshmellow on a stick...Juliette immediately began to eat hers off the stick!

Time to toast the marshmellows...

Add graham crackers and chocolate and enjoy! Yummm....


I would say she enjoyed it...and yes, that is marshmellow in her hair!

After everyone was cleaned up and got in their PJ's, it was time for story reading and sleeping in the tent. Juliette was pretty tired, so I put her to bed in the house. The kids did really well - I didn't think they would last the whole night, but they fell asleep and I didn't see them again until the next morning. Unfortunately, since Juliette was in the house and someone needed to be inside with her, I had to sleep in my bed and miss out on the awesome tent sleeping experience...thanks Daddy for roughing it with the kids!

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