Wednesday, August 24, 2011

First day of Kindergarten!!!

That's's hard to believe...but Ben is now in Kindergarten!! He is doing half days, 5 days a week. We had the option of full day, but I wanted another year of time with him (considering he spent the first 4 years in daycare everyday, he deserves some extra home time). He was very excited this morning (notice his nice new uniform too)...

He wasn't the only one who was excited. The girls quickly got on their backpacks as well to take pictures!

Juliette clearly thinks this is exciting stuff...

He's ready to go!

Abbey is ready to go too, but she doesn't start until Tuesday of next week (at which time I am sure there will be similar pictures taken). Abbey can't wait to go to school and keeps asking when her first day is (she will be going two mornings a week to preschool and has the same teacher Ben had last year)!

Ben in the car on the way...

And drop off! This year, since he is a big kid now, he just gets dropped off with all the other students to make his way inside. Luckily, they have student volunteers to help kids to their class rooms. I am sure he could find it (we went there yesterday for orientation and it is only a few class rooms away from his class last year), but I felt better having someone walk him to class for now. I am sure soon enough though he will just be running inside by himself and I will have to drive away assuming he knows what he is doing! Good Luck Ben...can't wait to hear all about it today!!

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