Monday, August 22, 2011

Play Set

Well, since we have spent all summer improving our house, we decided we might as well keep going and update our backyard with a play set! We have wanted to get one for quite a while but the number of choices is overwhelming and since it is expensive, we wanted to make sure we got one that fit our needs. We finally decided on one and it was delivered on Friday afternoon. Paul thought it would be great to have set up for Juliette's party, so he got right to work as soon as he could (on Saturday afternoon once the rain stopped). The instructions said it would take 8 hours to install, but reading reviews online said it would take closer to 15-18 hours (and that was when done by a professional)! So we were unsure how long it would take. Luckily, he had a lot of helpers...

Abbey helping...

They worked together...

Good job guys...keep it up!

Ta Da! We got some last minute help from the Acuff's on Sunday who came early for the party and it was finished with tools put away before any guests arrived!

The kids really enjoyed it!

Great job Paul! He really worked hard on it. On Saturday he worked from 1-10pm with few breaks (although that did include 2 trips to Home Depot to buy some tools and a big light so he could continue to work on it at night). On Sunday, he got up at 7 to start working on it again and worked most of the day on it. He said Ben was actually very helpful and could work the drill pretty well too. Ben was very proud of it and kept saying to Abbey, "Hey, we built that!" There are still a few minor things to be done (a picnic table goes on the bottom, a steering wheel and telescope on top, and we have an additional glider swing to assemble), but the kids love it and we will do those few minor things this coming weekend. I can't believe it got finished before the party - someone deserves the awesome Dad award!!

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