Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthday Night!

After some much needed naps and a yummy spaghetti dinner (with plenty of fresh bread for Juliette to enjoy), it was time for cupcakes and singing to Juliette!

She blew out her candles! Well, sort of...after several attempts with not much success, I blew at the same time she did (without her realizing it) so when they went out she was very proud of herself!

Then it was time to open up some presents and cards!

All the kids enjoying a new Dora book she got...

And now she has her very own Happy Birthday singing bear!! Thanks Nana and GrandPatch!

She also got a Dora beauty bag filled with earrings and hair barretts...cute!

Happy Birthday Juju!! I will post later about her most recent developments as she turned 2.

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