Monday, August 22, 2011

Lake Arlington

Juliette turned 2 on August 19th and to celebrate, I tried to think of something fun to do for the day. She really loves playing in sand (her and Abbey both love any type of sand box or beach), so we went to Lake Arlington, where they have a little beach you can play on. Aunt Domi, Caroline and Hunter came up to spend the day with us too. We got there a little before we did, so I thought it would be a good chance to snap some photos of the kids.

As usual, I can never get a picture of all of them looking at the camera and smiling, but we get close!

Then the cousins arrived and Caroline is always up for posing for pictures!

Then it was on to the beach to have some fun!

Caroline, Hunter, Ben, Abbey and Juliette...

Birthday girl!

There is also a fun pirate ship play ground to play on right on the beach!

Ben loved it all too - he equally loves the beach, but doesn't get quite into sand boxes the way the girls do.

Ben and Caroline worked hard on building a dam (they must have been thinking of their visits to TN with Mama Kay and Papa)!


At one point, the kids started pouring sand on each other's heads, which was not good. So I told the kids to go in the lake and get their hair wet so at least some of it would come off and it wouldn't be shaking off all over the place once we got back in the car. Ben eagerly went in and went underwater (no problem for him). Abbey went in and put her head back in the water to get her hair wet without going under water. Juliette decided to just bend over and get her hair wet! It was hilarious because she seemed to enjoy it so she would come out, put sand on her own head, and then go back and put her head in the water!

All the kids working together to make an island.

The kids posing nicely for a picture.

Then it was time for a picnic lunch!

Domi took some great pictures with her telephoto lens (and seeing her pictures makes me really want to get one this year). My handsome son...

My beautiful daughter...

My adorable baby (not so much of a baby anymore though)...

Great team work kids!

I just think this picture is cute...

Love this one too - Aunt Domi told Ben when to jump and he did great getting this fun action shot!

Juju playing on the pirate ship...

Finally, we rented a paddle boat for the kids to go on. Juliette informed me the minute she saw them that she did not want to go on one. She said she wanted to "play in the ocean" so I stayed back with her while everyone else went. I think they had fun, but it was pretty hot out there so they came back pretty quickly. But at least they got to go once this summer!

I think Juliette really enjoyed the whole day, and the other kids did too! Thanks Aunt Domi for coming up and spending the day with us!

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