Monday, April 30, 2012

More fun!

Besides soccer, we had a lot of other fun during the week too!  Madgie got to go watch Abbey in her dance class!  She also got to come participate in Juliette's Mommy and Me dance class! 

Then on Friday Patch flew up!  He had to work during the week (yes, he retired, but now he is working 2 days a week at another hospital - I  guess he wasn't quite ready to be fully retired!), so he flew up on Friday morning and brought this bumble bee costume for the kids!  He knows how much the kids love to dress up and he found this costume (from Pottery Barn Kids) at a garage sale for $3 - can't beat that!!

Madgie played Zingo with the girls (a very fun game by the way)...

While Patch and Ben did word puzzles in his Batman activity book.  I think Madgie and Patch were pretty impressed with Ben's reading level!
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