Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Apple Picking

It's fall and you know what that means...time to go apple picking!  Due to the crazy weather we had last spring and over the summer, most apple picking places were either closed for the season or had very limited picking.  Unfortunately, our normal place up in Wisconsin was one of those places.  So, based on a recommendation from a friend (thanks Sandy), we went to Kuipers Farm.  Here are Caroline and Abbey on the hay ride out to the orchard. 

And the rest of our family on the hay ride...

Kuipers also has limited picking, so we didn't get to bring home quite as many as we normally do, but we each got a bag and filled them up as much as possible.  Here is Ben having fun!

Off to find some golden delicious...my favorites!

The kids with their apples...

All the kids enjoying an apple...

Our family.

They had tractors the kids could climb on too!

And of course we got some apple doughnuts!

This place also had a Christmas tree farm!  So the kids picked out a tree that they thought was the perfect size!  We told them we weren't quite ready to bring home a tree, but it was cute!

Our family!

Silly cousins!

Andrew and Juju...

It was a very fun day.  Thanks Aunt Domi, Cousin Andrew, Cousin Caroline and almost-cousin Mike for meeting us for our annual tradition! 
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