Monday, October 29, 2012


Ben also played soccer this fall with his favorite coach...his Daddy!  This year was fun because Ben got to play goalie, which he really liked and was pretty good at! 


There is that awesome coach giving the team a good pep talk before the game!

Ben really improved this season and had a lot of fun too!

The girls did not enjoy the soccer games quite as much as football as there were less friends to play with during the games, but we still had fun.

And they usually got to partake in the team snacks after the games too (lucky for them to be the coach's daughters)!

Some games were very cold...poor Juju is all wrapped up, but she was a trooper!

It was a great season!  I am not sure we can do both football and soccer next fall though - it was a lot to handle given the amount of homework Ben has every night (that's right - 1st grade is pretty tough with the homework).  He really enjoyed his fall sports, but I am glad we have a break now for a bit!
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