Monday, October 29, 2012


This year we signed Ben up to play flag football with some friends of his. We heard great things about the program and decided to give it a shot. It was great. The coaches were amazing - so encouraging and positive and really taught the kids a lot. Ben had so much fun, learned so much, improved so much, and just really enjoyed it. His whole team was kids from his school so we also got to know a lot of other families too.

One of the great things about this team was the number of coaches.  This is all parent coached, but so many were involved that they were able to get a lot of one on one attention to work on skills.

Ben's big kick off!

Good 3 point stance Ben!

Good flag grabbing!

At the year end party, one of the coaches said that Ben always had a great smile on his face in whatever position he played - this picture shows that perfectly!

The best game of the season was the Homecoming Bowl Game!!!  They went all out - check out Ben's Mohawk that was spray painted blue and grey!

Here is the team and all the coaches (minus one)

He is ready to go!

These are the 1st graders.  There were also kindergarteners and 2nd graders on the team.

Juju also got into the Bulldog spirit!

Yay - go Bulldogs!

So the league is called the Cowboys, but since our school mascot is the Bulldogs, we called them that too.  Anyway, here is the banner they ran through! 

Ben played awesomely in the game!

Abbey put on her cheerleading outfit to cheer on the team!

Final score - we won 13-0!  What a great end to a great season!
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