Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Libby Dog

In more real time news (again, I know I have news to catch up on still), our dear niece dog Libby passed away yesterday :( Libby was Aunt Theresa's Great Dane and she was a great dog. She had a funny personality and did what she wanted. I guess she figured since she was big enough, she would do as she pleased. But she was never annoying about it - she was always very sweet about it. And with a dog as big as her, I can honestly say I was never worried about her with the kids (except if they got in the way of her strong tail whipping about). She was a very, very sweet girl and we will miss her. Here are a few of my favorite Libby pictures.  This is when Theresa first got her - she was as big as Paul! 

It's hard to believe, but she looks tiny in this picture!

This was at Christmas in 2009.  This just shows what a sweet dog she was...she obviously didn't mind Abbey riding her like a horse!

Snuggling with Libby!

She's now up in Heaven with Chien playing around!  We love and miss you Libby!
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