Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tiger Scout Halloween Party

To start off the Halloween festivities, we went to the Tiger Scout Halloween party! Similar to last year, we have so many dress up clothes that the kids get to pick what they want to wear for each Halloween event (and there are many, many Halloween events)! So, for the first Halloween event, Juliette decided to be a bee (thank you Patch for the costume), Abbey was a cheerleader and Ben was a ninja.  Ben decided about a month ago that he wanted to be a black ninja.  We tried to convince him to wear his white karate outfit, but he wasn't buying it.  Luckily, his good friend Aiden also takes karate and wears a black outfit, so they let us borrow it!  They brought it to the party for him to change into, so these pre-party shots don't have Ben in his complete costume unfortunately. 




This is Juliette stinging someone, which she did all night.  It was very cute!

For this party the parents were also encouraged to dress up, which isn't really my thing, but here is what I came up with.  Oddly, this used to be a dog costume that Libby had used!  And ironically, after we got home, Belle chewed up the headband :(


There's the black ninja!

At the party, Ben got his bobcat badge.  This is also a good shot of Paul's "Bag of Leaves" costume.

Family picture!

Ben's pumpkin won 1st place in the scariest pumpkin contest and he got a trophy!  It is amazing what a little dry ice can do!

This was a fun pumpkin done by our friends though...Perry the Platypus (from one of the kids' favorite shows on TV).

It was a great party and a great way to kick off the Halloween season!
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