Wednesday, August 28, 2013

4th of July!

While we were trying to recover from our Alaska trip, we jumped right into summer activities, which included dance camp for the girls, swim team for Ben, Vacation Bible School, Arts Alive camp, and Lacrosse Camp. But besides of all that fun stuff, we can't forget to mention the 4th of July fun we had!  We started out with a yummy and patriotic breakfast...

Our new house is nice and close to the parade route, so the Acuff's came over, we loaded up the wagon and walked to our spot on the route that Paul had saved with blankets the night before.  I must say he picked a perfect spot as we were in the shade for the entire parade, which is not an easy task to accomplish when you consider the parade is about 2 hours and the sun moves a lot during that time!  

The girls eagerly awaiting the start of the parade!


Eating candy...the kids' favorite part of the parade of course!

We had a bbq at our house after the parade for lunch and then headed over to our friends' the Kurby's to celebrate Joey's 5th birthday!  After the birthday party (where we had a great time swimming and catching up, but didn't take any pictures), we came home right in time to catch the fireworks!  Another perk to our new house...we can walk to a great spot to view the fireworks put on at the Arlington Race Track.  We got into PJ's, loaded up the wagon again and went with neighbors that showed us the good spot! 

The kids were exhausted, but real troopers!

That weekend we had a few close friends from school over to see our new house for a backyard bbq.  While we had everyone there, we decided to go ahead and sing happy birthday to Abbey with cupcakes since her birthday was the very next day.  Sweetly, she also wanted everyone to sing to Juliette since her birthday is only 6 weeks after Abbey's, so we sang to both of them!

And then we had patriotic popsicles too!

It was a great 4th of July weekend!
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