Friday, October 04, 2013

More TN Fun!

We had great weather for most of the week, but there was one day that looked like rain in the forecast, so we made a trip to see some very cool caves nearby called the Lost Sea Adventure.

Can you find the Lost Sea Ben?

Before our tour started, we walked around the pioneer town and came upon a wishing well.  Between Madgie and I, we were able to come up with 3 pennies so each child could have a wish.  Ben thought about it and then wished that the baby we are expecting would be a boy so he could have a brother.  Juliette quickly wished that we were having a girl.  Then Abbey thought for a moment and just when I was expecting to hear a wish for another girl, she surprised me and instead wished that she could have a lot more birthday presents to open when she got home - HA!  Way to stick to the important stuff Abs!

We went on a quick hike too.

Then it was time for our tour and it was a lot of fun.  Touring caves is really neat and the kids enjoyed it.

Ben had fun and kept asking me to take pictures of everything the guide talked about!  And this is a good shot where you can see his lost his front tooth right before we went to TN.  Funny side story...we were at a restaurant and I suddenly noticed he was missing his front tooth!  That's right, he swallowed it.  At this time he had lost 3 teeth in total, 2 of which he swallowed and didn't even realize it until I noticed it was missing!  We are getting good at writing notes to the Tooth Fairy to explain the missing teeth!

Then we found out why it was called the Lost Sea had the largest underground lake in the country (maybe world, but I can't remember now for sure - this is what happens when I am months behind in blogging...).  None of the pictures of the lake turned out because it was so dark, but here is a picture of everyone on the boat ready to explore the lake!

It was a neat cave and a fun time.  After our tour Mama Kay and Papa met up with us, bought us ice cream (thank you) and took us to a dairy where we sampled (and bought a lot of) cheese...yum!  The next day was nice again and we got back out on the boat, with a new helper to drive the boat!

We went back to the beach for more fun in the sand...

Or a nap on the table for Uncle Chris and Brendan...

Tubing with Uncle Chris and Ben.

And Ben tubing by himself!

The week went super quickly, as we knew it would, and then it was time to go home again.  We had a fabulous time and hope Madgie and Patch decide to build a house there.  Thank you to Madgie and Patch, Uncle Chris, Aunt Ginny and Brendan, and Mama Kay and Papa for making our week so much fun! 
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