Monday, June 28, 2010

TN Trip - Fun at the dock

A lot of blogging coming up...we went down to Tennessee for a week to have a family reunion with Paul's family. It was the first time since our wedding (8 years ago) that all siblings were together, so it was a blast. This also may take me a while to update...let's just say between all the siblings a LOT of pictures were taken! Anyway, I thought I would start off with the fun we have just hanging out at the dock. Mama Kay and Papa's house is on a lake with a beautiful view and so much to do (which will be blogged about soon), but one of our favorite things to do is just sit at the dock, swim off the end, and have fun hanging out (with some margaritas or sangria)! This trip was also exciting for us because it was Juliette's first time in the lake. We came down for Christmas, so it isn't her first trip to the lake, but it was the first time she could try out the lake. And she liked it! She is definitely a water baby (much like her siblings). She had a blast just splashing in the lake.

This year was fun for Ben too because he was very independent swimming once he put his life jacket on. He would swim for hours and go on secret missions with cousin Hunter to retrieve various lake toys that were floating away. He loved the freedom (and we did too!).

Mama Kay and Papa also have a little swimming pool they set up on the dock and Juliette really enjoyed splashing in that too (especially when she got sick of wearing her life jacket).
By the end of the week though, she figured out how to climb out of the pool and so her life jacket was once again placed on as soon as she got down to the dock.

As a side note, Abbey also enjoyed swimming in the lake (with someone) and playing in this little pool too - I just don't have any great pictures of her doing it. But don't worry, there are plenty of pictures of Abbey to post from our trip.
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