Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Off the boat

Lots of fun took place off the back of the boat as well! Ben and Daddy show off their tubing skills...
Ben and Abbey in the tube...
Ben tubed by himself, but I think he enjoyed it more when he went with Daddy.
After Ben tubed by himself, Abbey insisted on going by herself. She was fine until the boat started to pull away, and then she freaked out and cried the whole time. We didn't make her go for long, but after that, she got upset any time someone was in the tube behind the boat. By the end of the week she calmed down, but she was always very worried for whoever was behind the boat!

Daddy and I also did some skiing. I went outside the wake, which I haven't ever done before, and Paul got up on the slolem and wakeboard, which he hadn't done before. So fun was had by all (except Juliette who we did not take in the tube quite yet).
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