Monday, June 14, 2010

Animal Kingdom

So we started the second part of our trip by going to Animal Kingdom. I had never been there before and was excited to see what it was like. We enjoyed it and the kids had fun going on the safari, but it isn't as cool as the Magic Kingdom. But, I am glad we went. So, here we are ready to start the day!

It was hot out as we waited in lines.
We got a water spraying fan to help keep us cool while we waited. Ben was more than eager to spray anyone who needed it (or didn't need it).

Here are Uncle Chris, Madgie, Abbey and Patch waiting to watch the Lion King show. It was amazing! It was definitely my favorite part of Animal Kingdom and could be my favorite part overall too (but it is hard for me to top Magic Kingdom). The kids loved it - especially Ben who loves that movie as much as I do (if possible).
Patch and Abbey with Simba!

Ben and Daddy meet Simba!

Mommy and Abbey go on a dinosaur ride.

And we got to meet Safari Mickey Mouse! Abbey was terrified and kept screaming "No Mickey Mouse!". Ben was a little shy and Juliette was just tired. But here we are anyway getting our family picture!

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