Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hollywood Studios

On our last day we headed over to Hollywood Studios. It was very hot that day and since it was a Saturday, it was much more crowded. Plus, it was Star Wars weekend at Hollywood Studios, so we got to see a lot of people dressed up and a lot of Star Wars characters walking around. Interesting. Anyway, here are the sisters ready to start the day!

One really cool thing we did was go see the Mickey Mouse Playhouse show. It was just like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (the tv show) and then it included some other favorite Disney shows we watch (Pooh and Friends, Little Einsteins, and Handy Manny). It was a good show - plus it was in the air conditioning for a while! Here we are waiting for the show to start.

Juliette liked this show because everyone sat on the floor, so she got to move around a little bit and not be held by someone or strapped into a stroller.

Patch and Abbey ready to see the Muppets 3D show.

And then we got to meet Lightning Mcqueen and Mater - Ben's favorites!! For those of you wondering, Abbey is crying - you just can't see her face in this picture.
Star Wars weekend.
Uncle Chris and Abbey.

The Toy Story ride is very cool, but you have to get there early and get a fast pass (thanks for the tip Aunt Domi) because the line was crazy. Luckily we got a fast pass because I don't think we would have waited the 110 minutes they were estimating! After the ride and right before we left, we got to meet Woody and Buzz. The best part about this is what happened after we met them - Abbey gave Woody a hi-5! After 4 days of torturing the poor child by meeting characters, she finally realized maybe they weren't so scary! I was so proud of her. And for those of you wondering, apparently this is exactly what I was like at her age.

Finally, our Disney trip was over. All that was left to do was take the tram out to our cars. Uncle Chris got some last minute kid time in by handling them all at once!

It was a very fun and very exhausting vacation. Thanks to Madgie, Patch, Uncle Chris and Aunt Ginny for coming with us and sharing the experience. We had a fabulous time! Now, glad I got all that posted. A few more things to post this week and then we are off to TN for a week of fun with Paul's family!! I love summer!!

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