Friday, June 18, 2010

Juliette is 10 months!

So technically she is 10 months tomorrow, but we went in for her check-up today so I thought I would go ahead and blog now. She weighed in at 18 pounds, 11 oz. and was 27 1/4 inches tall. She was very happy during her appointment, until he had to dig in her ears to get a good look (she had some wax that he needed to get through apparently - she was not happy about it). Then she had a shot and blood taken, so she was not happy about that either. But overall it went fine. As for her development, she has changed a lot lately. She is now crawling on all 4's (and has been doing so for about 3 weeks now, but is getting faster and further everyday). She never did scoot on her tummy! It's funny to me how different the kids have been. Ben scooted on his tummy for 2 months before getting up to all 4's. Abbey did it for about 2 weeks and Juliette never even did it! She rolled like crazy though, which the other 2 never did. Anyway, she can sit herself back up from crawling and is starting to pull herself up a little. If we prop her up standing, she can hold on and stand for a while. She claps and does "so big". She is eating most table food now, although we are still giving her jar food to make sure she is getting enough and because she still really likes it - her eyes follow the jar when I pull it out! She is still saying Mama and Dada, but I wouldn't say we have heard a first word quite yet - she just babbles those. She might be saying "yay" when she claps her hands though. She is doing great and rarely complains. She's our littlest princess!!

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